Stranded on Retard Island

by lowlife

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Recorded at The Shack in Warwick, RI, August 10th and 11th 2012

Physical release due out 2013 on Major Destroyer Records.


released February 15, 2013

Brandon - Vocals
Joey - Guitar
Mike - Bass
Dewey - Drums, Guitar

Kyle Anderson -Producer, Lead engineer, Catering
Thayer Harris - Assistant engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Melissa Marcotte - Cover Art


all rights reserved



lowlife Providence, Rhode Island

We are lowlife from RI, not to be confused with the ones from NJ, ME, Sweden, (insert your citystate)


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Track Name: Cesspool City
You lose again and again.
Generation after generation,
You let them get the best.
Swirl around and suck it down.

Cesspool City.
Cesspool of Life.

Home is where the twat is, living a life of garbage.
Fuck that.

Having babies, let’s perpetuate,
Living a life, that you fucking hate.
Let’s do it again angel, let’s do it again.
Let’s do it again retard, let’s do it again.
Track Name: Garbage Day Poetry
Wake up screaming.

The alarm goes off, the routine begins.
Another empty day, reality sets it.
I am forced, I’ll never find a way.
Born at the bottom, and stuck to the bottom, there is no escape.

We all can’t be doctors, we all can’t be lawyers
But we are all born with orifice.
Kiss your dreams good bye, from the moment your alive,
The dollar sign maps your life’s design.

There is only one way, only one.
Find the pigs, split the wigs
And take all their money.

We’ll watch them die.

Born at the bottom, there’s no way to the top.
Kill those motherfuckers, the money’s their god.
Born at the bottom, kill your way to the top.
Just kill your way. (2x)

Born with nothing, end the suffering, kill the rich, destroy the country. (2x)

Cuz it’s given me fucking nothing.
Track Name: Whorehouse Fire
Ruined your life? Fuck, fuck the infection shut.
So many times, so few holes. (2x)

Fuck your way through, everything you’ve gotta do.
Whore on fire, tonight.

Tonight, Tonight.
Fuck, Fuck the infection shut.

Eat. My. Fuck.
Track Name: Stranded on Retard Island
I’ve been blessed with presence of none.
Waste of time? Twelve months. Bad luck.

And I will never suck the worshipped dick of anyone.
Who the fuck are you again? Who the fuck are you?

We hope you die.
Track Name: Dead Idiot
What do you want? When you’re dead now.
What do you need? A shrine to please, we owe the world we see.
Fuck your life.
You wasted it.
Drugged, drunk, loser, fuck.

Now that you’re dead, we owe you shit?
Over and over, I realize it.

You’re only a legend when you’re dead.
Track Name: Lavaswim Marathon
I, I admit that I was wrong.
I looked the gift whore in her mouth, grabbed her teeth and ripped them out.
You, always rationalize, took the gift that you were given, drag them out, refuse them life.

And you’ll never own, you’ll never claim ownership, not to this or anything.

There’s always an excuse.

You fucking loser, You fucking lose.

And I hope you hate yourself, as much as I fucking do
And I know you do. I know you do.

You, always cast the blame, It’s all good man, it’s alright, there’s always someone to blame.
Track Name: Dirtnap
The best part of waking up is putting the bullet in my head.
It's all too fucking much knowing how long it is till I'm dead.

Kill me now, Kill me quick
Murder me, Stupid Bitch.
Murder me, Kill me please.

Blow my brains out, baby.
It's the only way to save me.

Murder me, kill me please, kill me please.

And I've been working so hard, and nothing fucking counts.
Now give me all that I want, and fucking take me out.

Da da da dirtnap. Ohh
Track Name: Blowhole
If everything you’ve ever done, was better, best, ultimate
You should fucking tell me again
I’m so glad we’re fucking friends.

I love to be one’d up.

I wish I’d tear your eye out, I wish you fucking died.
Then maybe I’d give a shit about your horrible life.

One Up. What up?

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